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Without You… by L. M. Montes

I stood barefoot with toes sinking
in poufy grass. A small lake’s lapping
waves clapped ashore with swishing
language speaking freely. Hands placed
themselves upon my shoulders, moved
down my arms to my hands. In one swift
motion his arms squeezed, pulling me
inward. I sank into your muscular chest.
His lips touched my ear, and his voice
whispered a melodic tune of love. I turned
and took his cheeks in the palms of my
hands, gazed into his eyes, then we lifted off
the grass and floated. The air around us
lighted a lavender and blue veil then circled.
“Without you, my love, there is no love. You are
the love within my heart. I pray you stay for-
ever a part of life that’s mine from God above.”


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