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What is Coming

Projects I am currently working on will be coming to completion in the coming months. Please see the list below.

  1. My novel: The Cross’s Key. I plan on this being published in August. However, issues have arisen with our house which may cause some delays (I hope not). But if there are delays, it will be published in September.
  2. My book of poems: Hanging by His Hand. This will be published in September.
  3. My book of short stories: Lights of Fantasy and other Short Stories. This will be published in January 2023.
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The Two Faced Fool by L. M. Montes

Oh how pretty someone said,
until they bit them with a thought,
then said person turned to say,
oh thank you thank you,
you made my day.
Walk away walk away
with maliceful smile,
hugging and shaking hands
all the while,
inside you are scratching,
your mind springs forth spite,
ready to leap at a chance for a fight.
But in the end waves of coolness set in,
bringing you down a notch,
to comfort within.

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Waltzing Heart by L. M. Montes

Dancing just you and me long ago but no more,
in your arms twirling so, spinning such love for you,
music grows sweetly now slow it down swish about,
lights dim to darkness so shadows float soundless with
eerie moon beams so low, I’m alone,
fade you did from this house all that’s left
is your ghost haunting me ne’er to rest.

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The Weed by L. M. Montes

In walked a woman who sat with the rest,
her clothes of silk and makeup smooth,
she had to look her best,
smile she did
and greetings pure,
who would have guessed that underneath
she seethed with vengeance sure.
The others were impressed
as they spoke with her aright,
and never did they see her
in any such different light,
it wasn’t till she dropped a word
with innocence so bright,
that shuttered and shook the others
against themselves with all their might.
Now, she was truly happy
with malice that brought delight
of having caused a killing ruckus
so scathing and impolite.

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A Flower’s Scent by L. M. Montes

As I walked past the garden,
a scent had grown therein,
gliding over plant and earth
and said, “I beg your pardon.”

The sweetest scent so aromatic,
turned my head to see,
the flowers lifting up their heads,
and struck so automatic.

In their garden hidden,
so many different kinds,
whose scents arise to float
on air as they have often ridden.