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A memory,
A thought,
In the foreground of your mind,
It sits awhile and lingers
In the glow before your eye.

Moments tease,
Others please,
In the foreground of your mind,
They sit awhile and linger
But your memories said goodbye.

You’re older,
You languish,
In the background of your mind,
You sit awhile and linger
To await a past that died.

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Conveying Anger

I talked about emotions in previous posts in months past, but today I’m going to focus on one of them. Anger. I’ve said it before, you don’t merely want to tell the reader that your character is angry. You want the reader to FEEL the anger…right off the page.

Bad Example:
Dan was angry at the sight of his girlfriend in the arms of another guy.

Good Example:
Dan stopped short and did a double take, as he passed through the student union on his way back to his dorm. It couldn’t be her. No, no. His eyes betrayed him. After all, he saw the back of her head. It could be any girl. His brain wanted to leave but his feet stood glued in place, and his eyes were pealed on that one girl. Was it her? Was it Ann? Then, as if in slow motion, the girl turned her head, her eyes stopping on his. She smiled, then leaned in toward the strange guy and kissed him full on. A heat swelled within his chest. Why was she doing this? If she wanted to break up with him, she could have said something instead of this show. The heat within continued to swell and his nostrils pulsed. Before he knew it he was upon the both of them. His fists clenched to his sides.

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Embrace the Stress

Over the last 3 weeks I’ve been in and out of my blog and posting. The reason? My husband and I found a new house. Our first. YAYYY!!! We’ve been moving much of everything ourselves. Stressful? Yup. Worth it? Oh Yeah. Much like the process of writing a novel. Yes, it can be stressful, but in the end it is so very much worth it, and the effort you put into it will give you a sense of huge accomplishment. Words of wisdom….Embrace the Stress.

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Beginning a Scene (Part I)

One way to begin a scene is to start with some kind of action. Readers love action. Not everyone though. Back in the day when the first movie of Speed came out with Keanu Reeves, it was heart stopping action from the word ‘go’. The elevator scene at the beginning of the movie left me breathless. Those of you who saw that movie know what I’m talking about. I then recommended the movie to my mom who, after watching the elevator scene, stopped watching the movie because it was too much of a thrill ride. God bless her. She tried.

Essentially, any scene where events are flowing at a constant/continuous pace is an action scene. Some good ways to depict action in your story include:

  • Use shorter sentences. They are easier to comprehend, and they allow for faster reading which leads to faster action (You want this).
  • Use a mixture of action and dialogue. Stay away from long descriptions. It slows down the action.
  • Don’t write what is going on inside the character’s mind at the time. These thought processes will happen before and after but not during.

Here are some types of scenes that lead to action:

  • A character or characters faced with a choice and either option is equally as tough.
  • A chase scene
  • An argument between two characters
  • A crime committed
  • Fight scene

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The Observer

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I love hot air balloons, yet I’ve never been up in one. I am afraid of heights, yet I would go up in one of these in a heart beat. The opportunity never presented itself. Just think about how quiet it must be up there. You’d be able to look down and wonder, letting your imagination go. Maybe you are going through some stressful times and need to get away from everything. This would be a great way to do that. Hiking is another fun activity to help one relax. Here again, I’ve never been hiking. Not really. I have friends who do and they send back some fabulous pictures of their trips. There’s so much so see in this world, not just here in America. Get out and live life. Enjoy the beauty it has to offer, whether you’re on the ground or up in a balloon.