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Coming Events

Over the past weeks I have been preparing my second novel for publication this coming November 17th. As a result, other writing ventures have been waiting for me to work on them. This blog being one of them. But soon I will be back at it, I will post more. I have had to push back the date for the publication of my poetry book, as my novel takes precedence. So, below is the new publication timeline for my other coming books.

January 17, 2023– Publication of my book of poems

February 16, 2023– Publication of my book of short stories

Have a great day everyone, and God Bless.

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Give Your Mind a Break

What happens when you write everyday? Two things. You get further in your writing project than if you hadn’t. Two, you end up needing to give your mind a break. Yes, step aside from the written word for a day or two. Do something else entirely. Work out in your garden, do a craft, go to a movie, play a game, do some house work, or all of the above.

What happens is this, your mind can get stuck, and you lose your steam. Your brain gets tired like the rest of our body when we do too much of something. When you work out in the yard for a couple hours, aren’t you tired when you stop? Your body feels sapped. You have no energy left. You need to rejuvenate. You might even go and feed your body a Gatorade and/or a snack.

Today I felt mentally drained because I had been writing everyday, working on my manuscript that’s almost finished. I can see the finish line from here. I want to get it done. So I’m sitting at my desk with my laptop in front of me, and my brain is saying, ‘uhhh, no.’ I didn’t want to do anything. I had no ‘juice’ left. Getting up and doing something else didn’t appeal to me either. So what did I do? I got up and did something anyway, kicking and screaming. Well, that’s a little extreme. After I got going with my other activity, sweeping the patio and gardening, it rejuvenated me.

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Give Back

Do you know others who have been successful? Have they won awards or received a promotion? Do they deserve an applause? Give back to others by giving a shout out about their successes. What does this have to do with you? It has everything to do with you by doing three things. One, it gives you self satisfaction by making others happy. Seriously, try it. Two, it makes the person you are applauding feel great. When that happens it boosts their confidence and morale. That’s what you want. I love to see others succeed. They deserve it as much as I (you) do. Three, it comes back to you. Eventually, they will give you your props as well. It’s called social karma.

This isn’t just for writers, although we authors on Twitter give each other shout outs all the time. It’s pretty amazing. They’re such nice people. If feels like a family. Everybody, even those outside the realm of writing deserves props and feel goods. So, give your peep an attaboy every now and then. Spread the love.

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To My Awesome Followers and Guests

There are people around us who inspire us on a daily basis. Whether they are with us in person or not, doesn’t matter. They live in our minds and in our hearts. Who inspires you? My family inspires me, of course. But outside of them, all of you, my followers and friends inspire and uplift me. I am so grateful to all of you. So a HUGE THANK YOU EVERYONE.

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A Thorn in the Midst

Life can be happy. Well, for the most part until someone comes along and either does or says something nasty and/or out of turn. You can be in a group of people at a party having fun or even on the job working on a team and someone has to kill the fun. I call them thorns. You know, those individuals that strike when you least expected it. Much like when you’re trimming a barberry bush. You wear gardening gloves and handle those branches with care. Then you let your guard down and BAMB! You get stuck with one of the pickers. Mean people and pickers equals no fun at all.

There is a silver lining though. Sooth yourself with deep breath and move on. They are only one unhappy soul out there. Smile, be a light in someone else’s day, and let the sunshine in.