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The Joy of You by L. M. Montes

Thanks, I will be going now to breathe fresh air in June,
but not before I’ve spent the night a gazing at the moon,
needles of pine, spring scented rushing winds of fragrance,
and pushes me from side to side and sailing in a free dance,
filled with beauteous splendor, I cross my arms up close,
pinning to my mind the joy from you that flows,

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The Boyfriend (Part V)

“You see,” said Gabe, the woman you met is an enchantress. The moment you and her spoke for the first time, whether on the phone or in person doesn’t matter, she cast an enchantment on you.”

“I’m not into that magic stuff. It’s nonsense,” I stated.

“Nevertheless, it’s real to your boyfriend…..or ex-boyfriend. Sorry.”

“So I’m cursed? Is that what you’re saying?”

“No. No. Not exactly a curse. Let’s just call it a homing beacon. It doesn’t matter where you go. You can be extra careful in covering your tracks. He will always know where you are.”

Gabe encircled an arm around my shoulders and guided me to my car. Wait, how did he know this was my car? I asked him that, now. Peering down from a good 6 feet in height, he smiled at me and cupped my cheek with his palm. “Do you have a park nearby where we can sit and talk?”

Caution gripped my insides. After what just happened with my ex-boyfriend moments ago, I remained on edge. “I-I don’t think so. We need to part ways. I don’t know you, and you want to go to a park and talk? Really? Uh-uh. Nope.”

“It’s ok. We can stay right here if you like. It is not my intention to scare you. You see, I am an angel, and I was sent to protect you.” At that moment a pair of white translucent wings appeared on his back as a light emanated around him.

Realizing my mouth was open, I closed it. I glanced around to see if anyone else was seeing this angelic spectacle. Two people walked by. One, a woman, walked by me smiling but never looked my way. The other one strolled by toward the store front with a scowl on his face. He, like the woman, walked by me without giving me a second glance. I reached for Gabe’s hand, picked it up by his fingers, and held it. Clearing all thoughts out of my head, I closed my eyes and made him my focus. An easy feeling filled my heart, and I cradled his hand to my chest’s center. “I feel your goodness, now.” I looked up and met Gabe’s eyes. They transitioned in hue from a light blue to a deep blue and glistened.

“You’re an empath, Julia,” said Gabe. He brought his other hand up and took her hand now his own. “I promise you this. Nothing will happen to you. Now come, let us go.

I nodded and smiled in response, turned to get in my car, but it wasn’t there. In fact, the parking lot was gone. The whole of everything had changed. Green, lush grass displayed in front of me and under my feet. A clear blue stream trickled water off to my left and rolling hills of flowers sat in the distance. “Where…..?” I turned around. Then I saw it. Behind me and off to my right a scene with my body lying on the pavement of the parking lot began to fade.

Gabe stood next to me watching my every move. I peered up at him now and blinked twice. “I’m-I’m dead? But, I don’t…..”

“Remember? I took that memory away from you the moment you saw me. Shortly before your ex-boyfriend, Jeff, left, he killed you.”


“You are safe now.” Gabe looked over my head and behind me and smiled.

I followed his gaze, turned, and found Jesus standing face to face with me.


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Life’s Pool by L. M. Montes

Floating eyes moved side to side,
gazing in world filled wonder,
but when a hand prayed to abide,
the heart ran off to yonder.

Needles pointed inward,
stabbed the brain toward death,
the heart continued wayward,
and stole the lungs of breath.

Waves of goodness swept and swayed,
life’s ups and downs they fought,
then One above heard all I prayed,
in snares I wasn’t caught.

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Peace by L. M. Montes

Stillness rages through the blood,
it doesn’t pump but floats along,
idly waving angst goodbye,
and resting hearts in calmness.

Nothing wages in my mind,
no lightning struck its worry down
to caste problems’ electric current
through the veins of life’s dark night,
only peace has struck its might.

So here in canyons looking down,
I hear an echo of yesterday’s taunts,
now, melted, broken ice,
warmth slid its soft feathers ’round me,
soothing lofty love of life’s kind gestures
upon the tranquil pillow of my soul.

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Moving On by L. M. Montes

As I saunter toward the river’s path,
a gentle breeze tickles my cheek and pass by,
floating, billowing, wafting about
and circling back while picking up scents
of violets teetering side to side.

I halt at the hint of violet upon the breeze,
wondering if the scent will carry itself back to me,
but no, it’s not to come to pass again,
just freshness, newness, playfulness of life
introduces itself to me with every step and passing breath.

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Moments by L. M. Montes

Moments flicker in the sun,
at times not seen,
as we run,
Stay and linger for a while,
bask in warm light,
and in style,
Maybe see me on the beach,
breathing salt air,
I outreach
for you who sees beauty’s dawn,
and sings to me,
songs bygone,
Sweetest scented breezes fill
me as you sing
of love’s thrill.

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Weekly Tides by L. M. Montes

On Sunday I took a stroll down the sidewalk gazing at the sky,
when all at once a water splatter knocked my to the side,
I jerked my head in said direction only to see a sly
smile pasted to a child’s cheeks.

On Monday rain and darkness spread across the day,
mocking me with smirking chills and wind along the way,
a sigh burst from my chest and with it any happy splay
of goodness for the coming week.

Tuesday painted a blue sky with light white cloud streaks
sashaying from north to south and dancing on the breeze,
A beautiful day and feeling from morn to night I’ll see,
But in the distance dreaded clouds leak.

Wednesday chugged me up a hill with slowness and sloth,
dankness of a sludgy day of gray air upon which flew a moth,
I should not dwell on darkness shrouding day like sackcloth,
More power lies in light for all to seek.

Thursday churned pre-weekend folly set upon the wind,
thoughts of coming attractions from which I can’t rescind,
grabs my motivations for fun that made me grin,
But shouldn’t caution overtake actions that could be bleak?

Friday sailed through morning’s window with scented fresh
air of coming relaxation at the end of a busy week of mesh
and grayness that had pressed upon my intellect and flesh,
Oh how the coming weekend appears so sheik.

Saturday woke me at noon with a headache and a crash,
laughed then spread the curtains wide with sun upon my lash,
knives pierced my temples as they gouged and dug with brash
pain as I waited for soothing Sunday and the start of another week.

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The Keywyrd, or: Creativity forms verses

Sangeetha & David’s new poetry project Once upon a time, two poets who’d never met in person began writing verses back and forth over the Internet. Their first project took them some nine months: a 100 verse Hyakuin. Once they’d completed their first oeuvre, they continued their journey together; Sangeetha came up with a fun […]

The Keywyrd, or: Creativity forms verses
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Theme: Where to Find It

To start with, theme is a lesson or idea the story teaches and is carried throughout the story. But where do we find a theme to center our stories around? We can Google a list of possible themes and go from there. After all, sometimes our mind goes blank right at that moment you want to think of something. Google helps boost our minds. Of course, there are other search engines, so the choice is yours which one you use.

Another possibility is yourself. You’re probably going, huh? That’s right. Your own experiences can shed light on various themes you can center your story around. In your lifetime what have you learned? How did you learn it? Did you have to learn how to get along with someone you didn’t like? Did you have to learn how to give more? Did you have to learn to be patient? Maybe you had to learn to take risks. The list goes on and on. Or maybe you know of someone who had a learning experience.

Does this all mean your story has to be directly related to your learning experience? No, absolutely not. You aren’t creating nonfiction. You are wanting to create fiction. All I am saying is to use your learning experience (or someone else’s) and come up with a fictional story that centers around the theme (or what you learned) from your own life.

There are times, though, when all you have to do is start writing a story and the theme will present itself as the story unfolds. Yes, there are some writers who write this way. I am one of them. I don’t like to restrict myself, and I find it more freeing to just start writing. How about you?