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Waltzing Heart by L. M. Montes

Dancing just, you and me, long ago, but no more,
in your arms, twirling so, spinning such, love for you,
music grows, sweetly now, slow it down, swish about,
lights dim to, darkness so, shadows float, soundless with,
eerie moon, beams so low, I’m alone,
fade you did, from this house, all that’s left,
is your ghost, haunting me, ne’er to rest.

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Invisible Love by L. M. Montes

How are you, I wonder, you I never see,
are you here or are you yonder, with me you’ll never be.
In my mind you live, you touch, I never feel,
will you ever hover much in dreams where love is sealed.
Once we were together,
where friendship we endured,
that is all it ever was,
a gift so gentle and pure.

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Ghostly Mist by L. M. Montes

Ghostly mists arise and hover,
above the valley floor it covers,
mountain walls surround and hide,
the evil secrets that reside.
When happiness pushes through and in,
a bloody horror stabs and wins,
What is this mess that is so wrong?
A sickening stench so sick and strong.
But love so great, the only answer,
Can overwhelm this evil cancer,
Shining down from God most High,
Is peace and love, then horror dies.

by L. M. Montes

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Angels in the Mist by L. M. Montes

Your love is my strength,
It gives me warmth,
When I touch you,
Your love sings to me.

When I close my eyes,
You are there,
When I dream of you,
Your presence fills my heart.

But now you are gone,
The Lord has taken you away,
Your spirit and your love,
Are angels in the mist.

Long ago you stepped into my world,
You fed my mind,
And held me tight,
Throughout our years of gold.

So when the wind blows,
Your love floats back to me,
I cherish all you are,
Like flowers in the Spring.

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Love’s Journey by L. M. Montes

Our love, a ruby crown
On high that soars in the breeze,
Grows aloft,
But no one ever sees.

Through pink cotton mist
With rubies above so adorned,
Walk with me
For our future there is born.

On eagles’ wings we fly
Our souls locked with love
For today, today
Our love carries us high above.

Time’s window of love, everlasting,
Passes fleet footed then gone in half minute’s time,
Hurry, hasten with me
Or remain ever repentant.

The joyful village of our hearts,
Beyond the beauty glistens,
Stay and venture to long lost gifts,
For which only you are smitten.

by L. M. Montes
from The Triunix of Time (book 1 in the Time Series)

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By countless trees we walk,
Its limbs hold many years,
The leaves bend knowing nods,
of lifetimes we have shared.

My love for you an endless stream,
That flows within my heart,
To You I give my soul,
That we many never part.

Through time and space I’ve called to you,
The wind it carried my voice,
Upon the mountains and hilltops to shout,
An echo of love most rejoiced.

In dreams we’ve floated upon the sea,
And saw a setting sun kneel,
How awesome, complete, and whole,
For that is how you make me feel.

Come soar with me on eagle’s wings,
And dance above the clouds,
When whipping winds of life o’er take,
You catch me when I’m blown down.

At night we’ve met upon the shore<
And lain on sleepy sand,
Our spirits rose and love we’ve made,
To the music of nature’s band.

Each lifetime blooms from God above,
Like every spring His hand creates,
How golden and cherished are you,
My love, my life, my soulmate.

By L. M. Montes

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Love’s Breath

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Love is joyful,
Love is pain,
Love, a sweet smelling flower,
Pulls me to its scent,
And kills me with its breath.

Love stabs me with sharp petals,
And lashes, with fiery forest green leaves.

With every torturous gasp I take,
I whither.

Love’s entrancing, enticing entity,
Takes me in,
Holds me,
Stabs me,
Caresses me,
Cuts me.

This seesaw love,
It plagues me,
My head it whirls and twirls about,
Love stalks my smitten soul.

By L. M. Montes