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What Motivates You

An author acquaintance of mine on Facebook posted a question. The author’s name is Ivy Logan (She writes excellent books by the way) It read:

“What drives you, what makes you willing to face another day, what keeps you wanting to strive, to achieve new goals and, on the days when you are drained, when you feel nothing is going your way, what motivates you to rise again and to persist?”

I felt this is the perfect question for my blog readers because it makes you stop and think about something that we don’t normally address every day. We get up and move about, doing what we are supposed to do or want to do. I didn’t answer this question on Facebook, but I am going to answer it here, now.

What motivates me is my daughter. She’s not only my child but also my best friend. Without her there would be a gaping hole in my life. So, cheers and hats off to Tatjana. She is truly one of a kind, and I am so proud to have her.

What if what motivates you gets up and walks away? What if it no longer exists? What then? For some this may be as simple as looking to something else that also motivates you. For others it may not be that simple. Maybe what motivates you is something different for different areas of your life. Through all of this there is one constant, and that’s you. You, out of all of your motivators, are the greatest motivator for yourself. Well, God is a given. He motivates me to a huge extent. I may not always listen, but he does.

So, what motivates you?

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He’s There by L. M. Montes

Weather tempests mock and scowl,
grabbing with windy fingers, push and howl,
through it all our focus be,
on Him above who gives to me,
but sometimes we forget,
how life can get us wet,
turn away and look to nothing,
or stand and pray for hope or something,
just know that in your prayer,
God is with you, yes, He’s there.

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Not even for a day

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why?

There is no one else I’d rather be. I like who I am. I’m happy. Even with everything I’ve been through in my life, I like where I am at in life. I got here through trial, error, and learning. Praise God for leading me through it all.

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To My Daughter by L. M. Montes

The blocks rumbled and tumbled down,
crumbling further till pebbles abound,
half of me shut the door to life,
when you stabbed me with your knife.
I understand life’s little worries,
when you think you’re in a flurry,
right now a storm has bitten your soul,
but it will pass, then you’ll be whole.
I took part in your unrest,
without a thought of future’s test,
behind we look and stagger forward,
but gaining ground does not look backward.
I wish you well my little one,
for in God’s hands all is won,
He has your heart and soul I pray,
that back to us you’ll be some day.