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Yard Work by L. M. Montes

As the rain blew down I stood and pouted,
the sun refused to show or be outed,
grass grew up,
and stood corrupt,
I had to cut it because it sprouted.

There stood a barberry bush with pickers,
it grabbed my shirt and everyone snickered,
I took the shears,
there were no tears,
as the pointed picker bush stood tapered.

Autumn leaves changed color then floated down,
nature now stood bare with a winter frown,
they couldn’t stay,
or forever lay,
so rakes whisked by to gather piles of brown.

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Morning’s Dream by L. M. Montes

The sun winked as it peeked
over the horizon’s edge,
a dark sky faded to dark pink
as light beams struck,
shadows materialized
out of darkness,
casting over lawn,
I woke to breezy tickles
of coffee dancing on my nose,
one eye propped open,
a door creek spoke it’s ‘mornin,’
scents of sizzling bacon
thundered throughout senses,
blanket off,
legs swing ’round,
slip on slippers,
hit the ground,
my eyes wide open,
the door is closed,
it’s still dark,
no coffee I suppose,
the ceiling greets me as I lay in bed,
the clock says midnight,
and I dreamt instead.

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He’s There by L. M. Montes

Weather tempests mock and scowl,
grabbing with windy fingers, push and howl,
through it all our focus be,
on Him above who gives to me,
but sometimes we forget,
how life can get us wet,
turn away and look to nothing,
or stand and pray for hope or something,
just know that in your prayer,
God is with you, yes, He’s there.

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Nature’s Haiku by L. M. Montes

A lone flower wilts,
Sun shifts beams smiling upon
its petals giving life.

Rain pelts earthly growth,
too much washes life away,
leaves mud it its wake.

Bright skies lift spirits,
breezes sing sweet songs of joy,
now warmth reigns anew.

Woosh of waves soften
sleepy sand as it hastens
building dunes upright.

Dreamy pink hazy
lands of slumber kiss eyelids
closed as night reclines.

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Time with You by L. M. Montes

Your smile sang of sweet
thoughts behind warm eyes,
convey your truths,
but do not speak,
from mind to mind,
I will hear what you think,
whether a gesture or a look,
my heart knows what is linked.

In fields vast with colors dreamy,
you hold my hand
as stars wink sweetly,
mountains stand erect,
looking on as to protect,
the crispness of night air so lingers,
moonlight brushing auras hazy,
among the country grasses breezy.

Breaths of beauty come a knocking,
morning stretches arms of sunbeams,
caressing landscapes as they glide by,
grassy dew drops mist across my nose
as warm winds whistle on tippy toes,
your beating heart rings tides of life,
speaks to my soul all day and night
in passionate whispered voice.

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The Walk by L. M. Montes

I walk with you on a warm summer’s day
along a vast mountainside
watching life’s jewels below in the breeze
of the winds hands,
birds rise gracefully and float away,
they wave goodbye as wings clap against clouds.

And you say to me I love you
as you hold my hand so near,
and I say to you I love you
as we hold each other dear.

The trees lie silent in morning’s mist
that outlines the light sea green horizon.
Echoes of yesterday, gently carried
by dewy spring scents,
wafting gracefully across the valley’s vast
expanse lying quietly
beneath the jagged white capped masters.

And you say to me I love you
as you hold my hand so near,
and I say to you I love you
as we hold each other dear.

On winter’s ice with you I sail,
sweetly gliding, smoothly sliding,
the mirror beneath reflects our souls
and tells our story of long ago.
Around around we spin and swirl
with winter’s white diamonds
falling gently as we twirl.

And you say to me I love you
as you hold my hand so near,
and I say to you I love you
as we hold each other dear.