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Within the eyes lies
the soul that
magnetizes the heart
and pulls you in.

Resist, you can not
pull away from him
whose eyes draw
you forth into them.

Against his chest
you lay your head
as he lifts your chin
for a gentle kiss.

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Freedom: An American Poem

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Turn your eyes up to the sky,
the sun shoots you a glint,
a light, a warmth, a tender smile,
from beams of perfect mint.

A gray that creeps and grows,
now reaches with its clutches,
its evil now it plants and sows,
and grabs all that it touches.

Its messages now blacken,
the lightening strikes the soul,
a crack, a thunder, morals slacken,
the attitudes are coal.

But the eagle now takes flight,
its wings woosh guiding light,
to We The People in the night,
who now will stand and fight!

By L. M. Montes

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You Are The Sun

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Your light it shines and warms the hearts
of family and friends who never part,
though unpredictable you be,
you sparkle through the clouds to me.

On days of gray and rain that spatters
warmth you give cause none of that matters,
however blurred your beams are splotched,
your radiance to my heart does touch.

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A sound,
the dark,
a snake,
a remark,
that bites the brain
until you are bound.

You shrivel,
and cringe,
your breath,
does binge,
and stabs the heart,
now sanity is little.

a cry,
a shout,
the curtain
it lifts,
the light of truth,
and fear is a lie.

By L. M. Montes

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Go With It

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I woke today
to find a life
but found instead
I was almost dead.

What did I do?
Where did I go?
I dozed back to sleep
in bed you know.

Later, time it drug,
I had to hurry,
but I couldn’t scurry,
So I moved as though a slug.

I couldn’t fight this one bit,
therefore I concede,
to sit and read,
and alas just go with it.

By L. M. Montes

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When a plant wilts,
do you feed it or let it die?
When the sun shines,
do you hide or in the sand lie?

In a moments time, when things can change,
do you shrink or life embrace?
When enemies use division’s knife,
Patriots rise and fight with grace.

By L. M. Montes

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You liked me once
so long ago,
An eye you gave
to me you know.
But now I tend to disappoint
the one whose heart I did anoint.
I wish days of old be back
so joy to you will never lack.
And thus it goes into the sky
the air of beauty that made you sigh.
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Doll House

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Her life is like a doll house,
With everything in place,
A perfect house,
A perfect man,
And children filled with grace.

She talks not like a woman,
But rather as a child,
Playing games,
Skipping rope,
An innocence so mild.

But somewhere deep inside her,
She knows this isn’t like,
No hopes to hope,
No dreams to dream,
Just agony and strife.

One night she just walked out and left,
And made her life her own,
Reaching forth,
Grabbing hold,
You see how she has grown?

By L. M. Montes