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Love’s Journey by L. M. Montes

Our love, a ruby crown
On high that soars in the breeze,
Grows aloft,
But no one ever sees.

Through pink cotton mist
With rubies above so adorned,
Walk with me
For our future there is born.

On eagles’ wings we fly
Our souls locked with love
For today, today
Our love carries us high above.

Time’s window of love, everlasting,
Passes fleet footed then gone in half minute’s time,
Hurry, hasten with me
Or remain ever repentant.

The joyful village of our hearts,
Beyond the beauty glistens,
Stay and venture to long lost gifts,
For which only you are smitten.

by L. M. Montes
from The Triunix of Time (book 1 in the Time Series)


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