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Weekly Tides by L. M. Montes

On Sunday I took a stroll down the sidewalk gazing at the sky,
when all at once a water splatter knocked my to the side,
I jerked my head in said direction only to see a sly
smile pasted to a child’s cheeks.

On Monday rain and darkness spread across the day,
mocking me with smirking chills and wind along the way,
a sigh burst from my chest and with it any happy splay
of goodness for the coming week.

Tuesday painted a blue sky with light white cloud streaks
sashaying from north to south and dancing on the breeze,
A beautiful day and feeling from morn to night I’ll see,
But in the distance dreaded clouds leak.

Wednesday chugged me up a hill with slowness and sloth,
dankness of a sludgy day of gray air upon which flew a moth,
I should not dwell on darkness shrouding day like sackcloth,
More power lies in light for all to seek.

Thursday churned pre-weekend folly set upon the wind,
thoughts of coming attractions from which I can’t rescind,
grabs my motivations for fun that made me grin,
But shouldn’t caution overtake actions that could be bleak?

Friday sailed through morning’s window with scented fresh
air of coming relaxation at the end of a busy week of mesh
and grayness that had pressed upon my intellect and flesh,
Oh how the coming weekend appears so sheik.

Saturday woke me at noon with a headache and a crash,
laughed then spread the curtains wide with sun upon my lash,
knives pierced my temples as they gouged and dug with brash
pain as I waited for soothing Sunday and the start of another week.


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