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Write a Poem (Idea 3)

Write down a number of topics. Then create a list of words and/or phrases under each topic relating to that topic.


Love– flutter, heart warming, constricting breaths, tingling, soft kisses, stab, gentle pulse pounding kiss, sweet thoughts…..

Rain– spattering diamonds, twinkle tapping, splashing, thought disruptor, meditation melder, a guide to dullness, sprouter of Spring…..

Expressions– muddied knowledge, human weeds, life’s tides, stabbing stare/glare, ice eyes, singing smile…..

Growth– as a mustard seed, a newness, knowledge comes knocking, the deepening of a flower’s color, life’s momentum…..


Think about the kind of poem you would like to write. Let’s say you want to write a poem about growth; go to your topic entitled growth and read through the list of words/phrases you came up with. As you do this, ideas will start to flow, and you will begin to think of lines of poetry. AND you will end up using some of the words/phrases from your list in your poem. Also, you don’t have to stick to just one topic. Mix them up by pulling words/phrases from more than one topic to use in your poem. You will be very surprised at how easy it is to think of a poem by using these processes.

Above all else, have fun.


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