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(How many of you can relate to a story like this?)

I laughed at the comedy on TV. It was welcoming because I hadn’t gotten into a program in a long time.

Work, crafts, writing, they all had taken my time lately. But that’s ok. I’d rather do those things than spend all of my time watching television. A good brain workout doing other things than TV was better anyway. Then it happened.

The brown, hairy, eight legged thing revealed itself as I threw my head back in laughter once again. Damn, there was always something that had to spoil the fun. And just when no one else was here to kill it for me. I pursed my lips together wondering how I was going to do this. The way I saw it, I had one of two choices. I could sit and stare at it until my husband got home…….six hours from now, or I could face this and get it myself. Neither option appealed to me. Of all the places it could be, the ceiling. The only choice I had was the fly swatter.

With the fly swatter in hand, I steadied it below where said spider was. I was still too short. Damn! I trudged over to the step stool and placed it just to the right of where that ugly thing sat. I stepped up. Now I was too close. I shot out a breath. “Well, this has to be done for my own peace of mind.” I looked up and hunkered down out of its way just in case it fell. I didn’t want it dropping on me. Steadying the fly swatter just below the spider, I paused. Then, smack. But, instead of pulling the fly swatter away, I left it there, moving it back and forth to make sure I had killed it.

I stepped down off the stool and released the fly swatter at the same time. Peering down at the brown blob on top of it, I breathed a sigh of relief.


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