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Golden Tree by L. M. Montes

A golden tree looks down at me,
with radiant red delicious eyes.
It grows with love and life anew,
yet no one goes there,
I wonder, don’t you?

This golden tree is set in green,
where gardens are a paradise.
It shares a strength and sings to you,
yet no one goes there,
I wonder, don’t you?

One day a sword of flame appeared,
to guard the tree from man.
For they were told to stay away,
yet now they seek it,
I wonder why, don’t you?

by L. M. Montes

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The Casket Tree by L. M. Montes

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In the forest stands a fingered tree,
With leaves and prickles that snatches me,
I stop and stare, its spell it casts,
And a wind doth blow the strongest blast.

Now out I gaze with unmoving eyes,
Upon the next victim who saunters by,
My leaves they prickle and snatches thee
As you pass by the casket tree.

By L. M. Montes