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Challenges and Fear

As you know, life comes with many challenges, and each challenge presents a varying degree of difficulty. For some an easy challenge may be difficult, and for others a difficult challenge may be easy. It depends on the person. Fear can get in the way sometimes when we want to tackle the challenge but aren’t sure if we can accomplish meeting that challenge. In the end we may not even try. Had we attempted it, we may have found it to be easier to accomplish than we originally thought.

How does one get over that fear of trying it?

  • Practice
  • Talk to someone
  • Gain more knowledge about whatever the challenge is. Do your research.
  • Think about the fear itself. What exactly are you afraid of?

Will it be easy to get over that fear? For some, yes. For others, no. If you don’t want to meet a challenge because you’re not interested in it, that ‘s one thing. But, whatever you do, do not run from a challenge simply because you’re afraid, because then you are stopping yourself from doing something that you might just end up loving and are very good at.


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