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My Book Review for Broken by Ivy Logan

Broken by Ivy Logan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I liked how the story depicts individual real life occurrences, happenings, and events so very well. The main character, Caitlin, receives a prophesy at the beginning of her life. It isn’t something she wants to have happen, so she tries to prevent it. But in so doing, she causes it to happen. I think we have all come across something like this in our lives. We can’t always prevent or know something is going to happen as a result of our actions, and we can’t foresee the outcomes. In the end, if we come to the knowledge that we caused something bad to happen or that we were responsible in some way for how someone turned out, we need to learn to forgive ourselves. That’s part of what the story of this book teaches.

The author did a great job of conveying character emotions. I felt as though I was in the story myself and feeling what the characters were feeling. The evil king irritated me because of how nasty he was, but at the same time, one had to feel kind of sorry for him given his background. It left me wondering how he would have turned out had his adoptive mother lived.

Well done, Ivy Logan!

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