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List of Character Flaws

Below is a list of character flaws you might find helpful when creating characters for your story. It always helps to consult a reference when the mind goes blank and you can’t think of enough possible ideas. My article I published on January 18, 2021 called Character Flaws goes into more detail about this topic.

  • stubborn
  • vain
  • lazy
  • headstrong
  • cowardice
  • cruelty
  • selfishness
  • manipulative
  • dishonest
  • unfair
  • paranoid
  • hypocrisy
  • negative
  • entitlement
  • cynical
  • petty
  • assertive
  • wrathful
  • violent
  • player
  • user of others
  • superstitious
  • shy
  • sensitive
  • jealous


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