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Nature’s Haiku by L. M. Montes

A lone flower wilts,
Sun shifts beams smiling upon
its petals giving life.

Rain pelts earthly growth,
too much washes life away,
leaves mud it its wake.

Bright skies lift spirits,
breezes sing sweet songs of joy,
now warmth reigns anew.

Woosh of waves soften
sleepy sand as it hastens
building dunes upright.

Dreamy pink hazy
lands of slumber kiss eyelids
closed as night reclines.

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Villanelle III by L. M. Montes

Waves whisper a cadence soft and free,
gliding forward, lingering, rolling back,
as sun beams dim and fold beneath the sea.

Seagulls swoop white wings so feathery,
dipping downward, soaring, as black
waves whisper a cadence soft and free.

Shadowed palm trees sway in the breeze,
bowing down, billowing, and whack
as sun beams dim and fold beneath the sea.

On horizon’s bed a ship sails carefree,
buoyantly bouncing, gliding, as off-track
waves whisper a cadence soft and free.

Gray cloudy wisps stretch in mystery,
languidly looming, searching, but lack
as sun beams dim and fold beneath the sea.

A gate clinked open amidst a rocky lee,
beauteously inviting, summoning, while black
waves whisper a cadence soft and free
as sun beams dim and fold beneath the sea.

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Nature Speaks by L. M. Montes

Bells chime from afar,
the melody floats,
sitting upon clouds
embarking on a
journey, waving as
they saunter by me.

A cricket plays its
violin so sweet
as sun’s beams sink low,
waving goodbye until
tomorrow, yawning
as Mr. Moon glows.

Seagulls bob and weave,
waves stretch smooth fingers
along wet sand to kiss
my toes in loving
kindness, linger
for a bit then go.

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Life’s Pool by L. M. Montes

Floating eyes moved side to side,
gazing in world filled wonder,
but when a hand prayed to abide,
the heart ran off to yonder.

Needles pointed inward,
stabbed the brain toward death,
the heart continued wayward,
and stole the lungs of breath.

Waves of goodness swept and swayed,
life’s ups and downs they fought,
then One above heard all I prayed,
in snares I wasn’t caught.

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Hanging by His Hand by L. M. Montes

The present is but a wave
creeping toward the shore,
then in a breath it’s gone–
backwards evermore.

In life our friends and family,
warm our hearts and stay,
in our minds and in our soul,
then gone to our dismay.

Time’s wind blows at vicious speeds,
our memories we take hold,
that is all we have one day,
when we are growing old.

Alone we feel when most are gone,
as to the grave they go,
where does one lean in nothingness,
no one is there, you know.

But Christ is here and looking down,
and sees our pain that stands,
His love surrounds and comforts,
as you’re hanging by His hand.

by L. M. Montes

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Water’s Edge by L. M. Montes

Quietly by the shore
The waves roll softly o’er my feet.
I gaze out upon the sea,
Diamond like sun crystals
Twinkle on mirrored waters.
Clouds, pillowy puffs,
Sweep gently across an ice blue sky,
Sea blown breezes whisper through my hair.
In the distance, seagulls,
Swooping and swaying,
Sing their victory song.

Tis joyous to see such beauty,
When inner thunders storm.
Like rains of hurricanes,
Wind whipped blows—-
Seem to never cease.
But this glorious creation of sunlit skies,
Which God Himself has sent,
Has blown away my inner
Typhoon and laid my fears to rest.
Breathe fresh and breathe free,
Let go of all showers of yesterday.
Let all flow out to sea,
Never to return and bother.

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Sonnet I: Winter

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When snow has come and lingered for a time,
The mountains shine like pure white satin sheets.
The jagged rocks that stand and point like knives,
Have but a look of poise and symmetry.
The houses they in hibernation go,
and sink like ships way deep beneath the waves.
Cold air does whoosh in frigid gusty blows,
But stops to peek a while inside a cave.
The birds take off from empty bare tree nests,
To seek their food which they know is not there.
The trees did fall asleep like all the rest
Of this great wintry beauty of no where.
The hunters coming back from years afar,
Do find their world still bright like heaven’s star.

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Presence by L. M. Montes

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Look on sea blue skies and see
a dove that carries warmth from me.
Lie your weary soul on soft smooth sand,
close your eyes,
I’ll take your hand.
Smell the sweetness that painted flowers send,
and know the comfort to thee I do attend.
Listen, to the woosh of the waves,
hear my whispering words
that linger lightly as they say,
look at me,
across the vast expanse of time,
I am with you, in heart and in mind.

by L. M. Montes