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Lazy Summer

I was creating a bracelet this morning when a song started playing in my head. No, I didn’t actually hear it, but I started thinking about it for some unknown reason. You know how that goes. The song was Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer by Nat King Cole. It drew me back to summers of long ago, camping, campfires, warm weather, picnics, family vacations, childhood memories of playing outside all day, and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what your culture is, there are songs that bring back memories like this. Granted, we all have bad memories, but songs like this that bring back the great memories are cherished and above all else, timeless, such as this one. Here is a link to it below I found on YouTube:

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Winter ends—-
Spring will sing—-
Snow waves goodbye—-
Dew drops fall—-
Flowers awaken
From under their blankets.

Spring fades away—-
Summer has sprouted—-
All is warm and new—-
Lush green velvet grass—-
Lakes glisten turquoise blue—-
Show me such beauty
I know is true.

Summer gives way to fall—-
Leaves don their face—-
The cold lashes its tongue—-
Trees begin to shed their skin—-
How bare nature looks
When winter sinks its hooks.

Fall has disappeared—-
White has settled in—-
Snowmen stand in numbers—-
Birds are gone again—-
As nature spins its wheels,
God’s beauty slowly reveals.

By L. M. Montes