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High Winds

High winds blew all of the leaves off my backyard trees in one swoop night. They were blown bare, which leads me to my next observation. As they stand there, a statement is being made by them in their own way. “Winter is coming, and we’re ready to go the distance.” In the spring, of course, they come back to life and grow to their fullest once more.

As writers, sometimes life blows in and knocks us down in one swoop. Whether it’s family issues, living issues, medical issues, writer’s block, a review your not happy with, or your motivation just isn’t there. Know this: set backs are temporary. There will be a Spring of sorts coming your way, and you will flourish again. Don’t allow the winds of life to knock you down and keep you down. Spring back to life.

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Angels in the Mist by L. M. Montes

Your love is my strength,
It gives me warmth,
When I touch you,
Your love sings to me.

When I close my eyes,
You are there,
When I dream of you,
Your presence fills my heart.

But now you are gone,
The Lord has taken you away,
Your spirit and your love,
Are angels in the mist.

Long ago you stepped into my world,
You fed my mind,
And held me tight,
Throughout our years of gold.

So when the wind blows,
Your love floats back to me,
I cherish all you are,
Like flowers in the Spring.