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Layers by L. M. Montes

Beauty flowed from inner roots,
conveying sweet smelling fruits
of sunshine, smiles, and words,
you frowned on joy
and plucked what did annoy,
but the beauty cascaded onward
kissing cheeks instead of shrinking
with thoughtless worded thinking.
You cut and chopped,
there’s nothing left,
just ground and soil
where beauty once sat,
but did you get the soul inside
where beauty actually does reside,
the layers you may peel,
but beauty you cannot steal.

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To My Daughter by L. M. Montes

The blocks rumbled and tumbled down,
crumbling further till pebbles abound,
half of me shut the door to life,
when you stabbed me with your knife.
I understand life’s little worries,
when you think you’re in a flurry,
right now a storm has bitten your soul,
but it will pass, then you’ll be whole.
I took part in your unrest,
without a thought of future’s test,
behind we look and stagger forward,
but gaining ground does not look backward.
I wish you well my little one,
for in God’s hands all is won,
He has your heart and soul I pray,
that back to us you’ll be some day.

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A Love by L. M. Montes

Intricate beauty captures,
hearts and souls,
alas, your arms surrounding.

Traces fixed as outlines fade,
sun shifts, beams,
I am revealed as always.

Redness, goodness, passion set,
tucked within,
your soul captures, scintillates.

Through your heart life captures me,
paint-strokes of love spark and glow.

Beauty weaves its perfect love,
hearts and souls,
your arms surround me, alas.

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Peace by L. M. Montes

Stillness rages through the blood,
it doesn’t pump but floats along,
idly waving angst goodbye,
and resting hearts in calmness.

Nothing wages in my mind,
no lightning struck its worry down
to caste problems’ electric current
through the veins of life’s dark night,
only peace has struck its might.

So here in canyons looking down,
I hear an echo of yesterday’s taunts,
now, melted, broken ice,
warmth slid its soft feathers ’round me,
soothing lofty love of life’s kind gestures
upon the tranquil pillow of my soul.

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The Fleeting Soul by L. M. Montes

In life you are a soul behind a mask,
hiding from the world but yet you seek
true beauty from within a natural set,
displaying gold inside your heart,
giving what you have to all, then part.

In dreams you linger strong and within sight,
but then you move and vanish from my
reach when hands behold your presence,
leaving one to wonder if you are there,
or staying away forever, ’cause you care.

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Hanging by His Hand by L. M. Montes

The present is but a wave
creeping toward the shore,
then in a breath it’s gone–
backwards evermore.

In life our friends and family,
warm our hearts and stay,
in our minds and in our soul,
then gone to our dismay.

Time’s wind blows at vicious speeds,
our memories we take hold,
that is all we have one day,
when we are growing old.

Alone we feel when most are gone,
as to the grave they go,
where does one lean in nothingness,
no one is there, you know.

But Christ is here and looking down,
and sees our pain that stands,
His love surrounds and comforts,
as you’re hanging by His hand.

by L. M. Montes

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Tomorrow’s Gift by L. M. Montes

I went about my day,
then evening came to sit,
wait I did for night so say,
I’ll send your soul adrift.

Tomorrow, we’re promised naught,
just knowledge it could be,
so in limbo I am caught,
afloat with you and me.

At last the morn breaks through,
the sun reflects the dew,
all seems right,
with sun so bright,
then life quick ran askew.