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Lazy Summer

I was creating a bracelet this morning when a song started playing in my head. No, I didn’t actually hear it, but I started thinking about it for some unknown reason. You know how that goes. The song was Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer by Nat King Cole. It drew me back to summers of long ago, camping, campfires, warm weather, picnics, family vacations, childhood memories of playing outside all day, and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what your culture is, there are songs that bring back memories like this. Granted, we all have bad memories, but songs like this that bring back the great memories are cherished and above all else, timeless, such as this one. Here is a link to it below I found on YouTube:

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Hear The Lord by L. M. Montes

I sing to you my Lord
and praise your Holy Name,
Dance with me my Jesus,
may the music sweep us away

Today I lay on mountains high
and breath your breath’s wind,
The trees they sway and leaves they sing
the notes of my Savior’s hymns.

I rest my weary head on you
and hear all life’s long rhythms,
My sins may interrupt my song
but you conduct their collapse.

In your name I bow down
and humble at your feet,
My hand you take and draw me near
to dwell in your home so sweet.


Hear the Lord calling to you,
His voice a sweet melody,
Listen, my child, I am your God,
My love an ovation do dear.