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Give Back

Do you know others who have been successful? Have they won awards or received a promotion? Do they deserve an applause? Give back to others by giving a shout out about their successes. What does this have to do with you? It has everything to do with you by doing three things. One, it gives you self satisfaction by making others happy. Seriously, try it. Two, it makes the person you are applauding feel great. When that happens it boosts their confidence and morale. That’s what you want. I love to see others succeed. They deserve it as much as I (you) do. Three, it comes back to you. Eventually, they will give you your props as well. It’s called social karma.

This isn’t just for writers, although we authors on Twitter give each other shout outs all the time. It’s pretty amazing. They’re such nice people. If feels like a family. Everybody, even those outside the realm of writing deserves props and feel goods. So, give your peep an attaboy every now and then. Spread the love.