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Learning is never-ending. Even if you know quite a bit in the area you are interested or work in, there is still something to learn about it. If classes come available in your area, free or paid, take it. It doesn’t matter how much you know already. Take it. This past Saturday, March 4 (2023), a free class about self-publishing came available through the Willamette Writers at the library here in Oregon, USA. I’m a self-published author and have published my own books three times now. I did that without a class because Amazon provides a wealth of free tutorials and videos to assist an author through that process, so I learned a lot having done that.

This doesn’t any mean I know all there is to know about self-publishing. The online tutorials and videos are great, but participating in a live classroom experience on the subject provides a wider range of information on the subject. I had an opportunity to talk to other authors who are self-published to get an idea of what they do. I enjoyed it, and I still learned more than what I already knew. So, whatever area you are interested in, learn even more about it.

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Future Publication

Next up on the publishing agenda, I will be publishing a book of all of my short stories on Amazon in the coming months. I am pushing for mid April. Between now and then, I will be tweaking each of them with more details (characters, setting, and soforth), editing, and formatting. I will update this post with link info as time gets closer.

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Keep in mind, you will not succeed if you do not try. Give what you are doing a chance. I know it’s easy to give up and think success won’t happen. But the truth is this; sometimes success takes a while. If one idea is not working, try something else. Eventually, success will pick up speed.

I am going to pick on writers/authors. They spend many many hours writing their books. At the end of it all, when they publish it, there is marketing to do. If you are a self-published author, you do much of the marketing yourself. My advice, if this is you, learn about how to market your book(s). Maybe you already know. Great! If you have a publisher, they do the marketing for you. If this you, great! Everyone else mostly does it themselves. It can be discouraging at first because not every marketing strategy will work. Here again, you will not succeed if you do not try. You will not figure out what does if you do not try.