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Morning Rituals

What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

Normally, I start by taking my blood sugar reading. That’s a must do for diabetes as you all know. Then I fix my coffee. While I’m enjoying my coffee ☕, I like to listen/watch devotionals on YouTube. Then it’s breakfast and a shower…..

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Morning’s Dream by L. M. Montes

The sun winked as it peeked
over the horizon’s edge,
a dark sky faded to dark pink
as light beams struck,
shadows materialized
out of darkness,
casting over lawn,
I woke to breezy tickles
of coffee dancing on my nose,
one eye propped open,
a door creek spoke it’s ‘mornin,’
scents of sizzling bacon
thundered throughout senses,
blanket off,
legs swing ’round,
slip on slippers,
hit the ground,
my eyes wide open,
the door is closed,
it’s still dark,
no coffee I suppose,
the ceiling greets me as I lay in bed,
the clock says midnight,
and I dreamt instead.

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Morning by L. M. Montes

Mist arises from a grave unknown here,
tickling my mind so curiously,
then winds of thought spread far yet hovers near,
covering beauteous scents tapping me.
The sun lifts high and pulls the mist away,
and now grass sparkles on the brink of day,
flowers spotted diamonds of morn’s soft dew
are natures way of mixing its perfume.
A tiny cold nips at the finger tips,
while the sun prickles with warming tickles,
and the ocean of skies set forth the dyes
of bluish color hues as if on cue.
But alas a cloud of gray comes rushing
with storm winds pelting and rains a gushing.

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Coffee and a Book by L. M. Montes

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You woke one morning to rain-drop spatter
A chill in the air did nip,
Out the window wind whipped,
The day now does not matter.

To the kitchen sluggish feet shuffle
Timed coffee now is pouring,
Aroma floats and tickles the nose,
You grab a book and a truffle.

The office and work the rain it took
Home soothed you so much better,
So get your blanket and bundle up
To coffee and a book.

By L. M. Montes