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Nature Speaks by L. M. Montes

Bells chime from afar,
the melody floats,
sitting upon clouds
embarking on a
journey, waving as
they saunter by me.

A cricket plays its
violin so sweet
as sun’s beams sink low,
waving goodbye until
tomorrow, yawning
as Mr. Moon glows.

Seagulls bob and weave,
waves stretch smooth fingers
along wet sand to kiss
my toes in loving
kindness, linger
for a bit then go.

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The Joy of You by L. M. Montes

Thanks, I will be going now to breathe fresh air in June,
but not before I’ve spent the night a gazing at the moon,
needles of pine, spring scented rushing winds of fragrance,
and pushes me from side to side and sailing in a free dance,
filled with beauteous splendor, I cross my arms up close,
pinning to my mind the joy from you that flows,

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Twilight comes but once a day,
The sky turns raven black,
Grass and flowers yawn away.

Stars step out to blink and wink
While the moon man smiles back,
A look that only heaven thinks.

The tide rolls in to eat the sand,
While couples stroll along the beach,
Arm in arm or hand in hand.

by L. M. Montes