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High Winds

High winds blew all of the leaves off my backyard trees in one swoop night. They were blown bare, which leads me to my next observation. As they stand there, a statement is being made by them in their own way. “Winter is coming, and we’re ready to go the distance.” In the spring, of course, they come back to life and grow to their fullest once more.

As writers, sometimes life blows in and knocks us down in one swoop. Whether it’s family issues, living issues, medical issues, writer’s block, a review your not happy with, or your motivation just isn’t there. Know this: set backs are temporary. There will be a Spring of sorts coming your way, and you will flourish again. Don’t allow the winds of life to knock you down and keep you down. Spring back to life.

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Tomorrow’s Gift by L. M. Montes

I went about my day,
then evening came to sit,
wait I did for night so say,
I’ll send your soul adrift.

Tomorrow, we’re promised naught,
just knowledge it could be,
so in limbo I am caught,
afloat with you and me.

At last the morn breaks through,
the sun reflects the dew,
all seems right,
with sun so bright,
then life quick ran askew.

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Hidden by L. M. Montes

The ride it lulls,
the pavement hums,
outside is beauteous and sweet,
but then life shows its hidden pockets
of sin and scarring so sheik.

It needs to go,
hands move to save,
it clears and vanishes to dust,
only to return and settle anew
to sit and sink in rot.

Hidden once more in beauty,
through flowers scented veils,
the stench of growing darkness,
perfumes sweet stenches now.

by L. M. Montes

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To Choose by L. M. Montes

I stand before a hall with many gateways,
deciding which to choose grips hold my mind,
waiting to pounce life’s lioness awaits,
or could it be the love of one so kind.
Decisions rock on waves so vast and fraught,
just open one and peer inside to see,
so in I walk without thinking or thought,
’twas a lioness charging after me.
I spun to run the door it laughed and shut,
revealing darkness shadows playing and such,
a light beamed round a corner calling out,
so I followed but found the light of doubt.
perhaps if I had thought decisions through,
I would have gained a love so great and true.

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The Circle of a Writer’s Life

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When you’re a writer, a full-time writer, going to work isn’t like having a regular job where you go to work and do the same thing every day. At least it isn’t like that for me anyway. My day is a hodge podge of different experiences, events, conversations, activities, etc… Why is it like this? Because I’m constantly creating. Yes, even when I’m not writing, I’m writing. I seek fiction in the nonfiction world of reality.

When I hit a brick wall in my story, I go for a walk to relax my mind and think of possible solutions. Talking to people is a great way to find great dialogue for any story. Although, most of the time you might end up changing parts of it to suit your story. A boat ride or a day at the beach is fun and. Write your experience down in your writing journal.

So, in a nutshell, the circle of a writer’s life is different each day.