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Last Learned

What is the last thing you learned?

The last thing I learned was real estate.

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Learning is never-ending. Even if you know quite a bit in the area you are interested or work in, there is still something to learn about it. If classes come available in your area, free or paid, take it. It doesn’t matter how much you know already. Take it. This past Saturday, March 4 (2023), a free class about self-publishing came available through the Willamette Writers at the library here in Oregon, USA. I’m a self-published author and have published my own books three times now. I did that without a class because Amazon provides a wealth of free tutorials and videos to assist an author through that process, so I learned a lot having done that.

This doesn’t any mean I know all there is to know about self-publishing. The online tutorials and videos are great, but participating in a live classroom experience on the subject provides a wider range of information on the subject. I had an opportunity to talk to other authors who are self-published to get an idea of what they do. I enjoyed it, and I still learned more than what I already knew. So, whatever area you are interested in, learn even more about it.

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Not even for a day

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why?

There is no one else I’d rather be. I like who I am. I’m happy. Even with everything I’ve been through in my life, I like where I am at in life. I got here through trial, error, and learning. Praise God for leading me through it all.

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What do you want to learn? What interests you? Do you ever know all there is to know about what you do know? Lifelong learning. That’s where it’s at. One of the areas that interests me the most is writing fiction. Even though I write a lot, doesn’t mean I know all there is to know about it. I am always eager to know more. So I look at what others do and take my cue from them. I can use that to come up with my own tricks, so can you. I enjoy reading books about writing. Even though I am published, I still yearn to know more.

But, know this. Take what you learn and make it your own. What works for others might not work for you. I learned this lesson early on years ago. I found that a combination of methods works for me.

Whatever it is you enjoy doing, continue to learn about it. Be a lifelong learner of what you do. Continue to upgrade what you enjoy.