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What Motivates You

An author acquaintance of mine on Facebook posted a question. The author’s name is Ivy Logan (She writes excellent books by the way) It read:

“What drives you, what makes you willing to face another day, what keeps you wanting to strive, to achieve new goals and, on the days when you are drained, when you feel nothing is going your way, what motivates you to rise again and to persist?”

I felt this is the perfect question for my blog readers because it makes you stop and think about something that we don’t normally address every day. We get up and move about, doing what we are supposed to do or want to do. I didn’t answer this question on Facebook, but I am going to answer it here, now.

What motivates me is my daughter. She’s not only my child but also my best friend. Without her there would be a gaping hole in my life. So, cheers and hats off to Tatjana. She is truly one of a kind, and I am so proud to have her.

What if what motivates you gets up and walks away? What if it no longer exists? What then? For some this may be as simple as looking to something else that also motivates you. For others it may not be that simple. Maybe what motivates you is something different for different areas of your life. Through all of this there is one constant, and that’s you. You, out of all of your motivators, are the greatest motivator for yourself. Well, God is a given. He motivates me to a huge extent. I may not always listen, but he does.

So, what motivates you?

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Life’s Soccer Field

Life is a soccer field. We have goals to reach. There are ideas we kick around on our run toward our goal. Yes, sometimes we are thwarted by life working against us. We stumble and fall. But then we get back up, work our ideas in a new direction, maneuver around life or do a fake out if need be, then we run head long toward the goal. If someone is there to stop you, try again.

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Keeping at it is the key. No matter what you are doing, continuing to do that which you are doing is how you eventually reach your goal/dream. The operative word here is eventually. Sometimes achievements can happen quickly. I’m not saying they don’t. It’s just that most often it takes time. It also depends on what you are doing. Writing a book takes time anyway, but it begins to take less time when you do it all the time. The process becomes easier and the creative flow continues. BUT, for writing to get easier and faster, you MUST persist and continue on. No matter what life throws at you, no matter how hard it gets at various times, push through it.

NEVER GIVE UP. I believe in you. Others believe in you. YOU believe in you too.

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If you are serious about writing a novel, novella, a book of short stories or poems; create a goal for yourself for each day. They say in order to create a habit, one must do the same thing for 21 days (maybe longer depending on the individual). Write everyday and hit the goal you set for yourself. Eventually, sitting down to write will become second nature.

However, it’s tough sitting down to a blank screen because, when this happens, many times the mind goes blank as well. Help your mind out by creating some stimulation for it. Again, we’re all different, so the type of stimulation will be different for everyone. Maybe music will get your mind going, or even the television in the background. Whatever works for you. Or, just start writing what comes to mind. This gets those wheels turning as well. Before you know it your fingers will be flying across the keyboard.