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Repentance: A Sonnet by L. M. Montes

In valleys green so deep and vast bestow,
petals bright with candied flowers growing,
steepled churches point to eagles soaring,
praying God’s children back to him return.
The road below twists its turning clutches,
steering ’round in circles thus repeating.
Along cliffside mountains choices teeter,
souls play chicken, thus forever tempting,
playing with life’s air currents with no thought.
Thorns and thistles stretch their needles skyward,
expecting wayward children so to catch,
and peace that stands forever elusive.
But then amazing grace for them is sent,
when wayward children pray and then repent.

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A Flower’s Scent by L. M. Montes

As I walked past the garden,
a scent had grown therein,
gliding over plant and earth
and said, “I beg your pardon.”

The sweetest scent so aromatic,
turned my head to see,
the flowers lifting up their heads,
and struck so automatic.

In their garden hidden,
so many different kinds,
whose scents arise to float
on air as they have often ridden.

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Weeds of Life: a Sonnet by L. M. Montes

A daydream takes the mind upon a flight
of visions dancing ‘cross the brain of sight,
imagine if you can a tale of weeds
clawed and deep within the flowers of seed,
choking out such beauty to die and bend
never to grow up but meet its end,
but fingers claw and pull out from the muck
life’s problems sewing in and now are stuck,
yank once then twice and thrown aside and out
of God’s garden that man has strewn about,
at last sun’s rays uplift His color wheel
of blooms with sweetest scents that touch and heal
our body, mind, and soul from evil’s clutches,
blessing all who bow, and Jesus touches.