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Thus is the life

What do you do to relax to get away from it all? Some people enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, exercise, boating, fishing, hiking, traveling, sightseeing, just to name a few. I love doing all of those things, but what I LOVE most of all, what I enjoy most often above all other things to do, is writing. Yes, writing is my passion.

Why do I love it so much? When I was a kid, my teachers always complained to my mom that I was a daydreamer. Hahaha, well, they saw it as a detriment, but it wasn’t and isn’t. Even now I daydream, because that’s what writers do. So, for relaxation I write. As I’m writing, I can open my mind up to anything and everything and make it come to life (inside my head). It releases those endorphins, those feel good chemicals inside your brain that, when released, gives you that peaceful feeling of satisfaction.

There are other writerly activities that are just as fun. I keep a writer’s notebook for every novel I’m working on. If all I do is write in that notebook, that’s fine. It’s still progress. Sometimes I need a boost, so I’ll go for a walk. This is where I do much of my idea generating. Everyone has their idea generating avenues, that’s mine.

So, again I ask, what do you do for relaxation? I would love to hear all about.