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Nature Speaks by L. M. Montes

Bells chime from afar,
the melody floats,
sitting upon clouds
embarking on a
journey, waving as
they saunter by me.

A cricket plays its
violin so sweet
as sun’s beams sink low,
waving goodbye until
tomorrow, yawning
as Mr. Moon glows.

Seagulls bob and weave,
waves stretch smooth fingers
along wet sand to kiss
my toes in loving
kindness, linger
for a bit then go.

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Evening’s Light to Darkness by L. M. Montes

With slowness I walk,
a dimness so gray,
the air is a coolness,
that lasted all day.
Low hung the clouds,
the darkness reached down,
then sprung back and faded,
as the air moved around.
Lighter grew the evening,
and air warmed the soul,
and hung but just a moment,
’til evening turned to coal.