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The Baseball Game

When asked if you enjoyed your childhood, I think we all can honestly say that our childhoods were a mixture of pleasant and unpleasant experiences. I enjoyed my childhood, and I didn’t. Yup, this goes for me too. Memories I will always smile upon are those involving all of the neighborhood kids playing together outside until dusk. My neighborhood had all the stereotypical kids in it. We had the bully, the spoiled girl who had to have everything her way but could be nice too at times. There was also the one kid who always had to cheat at games. Of course, everybody had their bad days. Don’t get me wrong, as a group, we had a great time.

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Oftentimes, we’d all get together and play baseball games at David’s and Julie’s house in the backyard. We always played there because of the wide open field. Lots of room. Our dad’s would get involved, too, which made it doubly fun. Then, on one particular evening, I took a turn at being the pitcher. I liked this position, but the feeling of getting hit by the ball as it was smacked by the baseball bat was always present in my mind. Then, it happened. Strange. Julie was up to bat, and, just before I pitched the ball to her, I told her not to hit me. She told me she wouldn’t, so I pitched the ball to her. She hit, and it made a bee-line straight for my eye. It all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to duck.

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At the time it wasn’t a fun experience, and Julie felt really bad about hitting me. But in our growing up years we all have occurrences such as this. It’s ok because they add flavor to our lives, and they give us something to reflect upon later. Maybe even to write about. At the same time, though, we have memories we wish we could forget. I do have one of those. I won’t write about it here, BUT in chapter one of my first book The Veil of Time, previously published under the title The Triunix of Time, I use that unpleasant memory. By using it in that way, I was able to put it to rest, and I gained a whole new perspective on the whole experience.