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The Opposite Side of Adverb Usage

Adverbs aren’t always bad. There are times when they should be used. If they serve a purpose such as building upon the emotions of a character’s actions, then use them. BUT, be sure to use them sparingly.

Louise Harnby says it quite well (quoted below). You can go to her website here to read more.

“Adverbs, used well, can show motivation, indicate mood, and enrich our imagining of a scene.

I love books that tell it straight because every word pushes me forward. David Rosenfelt is a writer who never disappoints. His Andy Carpenter series features a tenacious lawyer with a dry wit.

The author’s prose is sharp as a knife. Does he use adverbs? Absolutely, though sparingly and they’re always purpose-filled.”

A link to Louise Harnby’s website will also be added on my Resources page.


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