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The Tug of War of Scenes

Photo by Taryn Elliott on

Sentences jerked across the page. Tension climbed the mountain named Resolution only to be yanked backwards to tumble down the slope. The scene stood up and said, “One more time.” One word at a time it dug its heels in. It struck with clarity then penetrated and pushed its way back up the slope. Up up the tension rose then thrust clean off the top as the Resolution’s attitude defied them.

Dazed, the and scene lumbered to its feet then staggered. Resolution waved down at it in a mocking gesture. But now a flag with the answer whipped in the wind from the edge of the mountains crest. The scene gathered itself anew, dusted itself off, and marched along the bottom of the mountain and around to begin their climb again. But an invisible force stood in their way. For another scene on the other side of the force began their trek up the mountain ahead of them.

But, alas, that scene came tumbling down as well. It slammed into the invisible force. A bright light flashed. The invisible force faded. The first scene backed up, built momentum, then raced up the mountain a third time. Except now it raced at break neck speed. Resolution wasn’t looking. The scene ran so fast that it reached the top and grabbed the flag. Now Resolution had to give its secrets away to everyone.


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