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What makes you most anxious?

Lack of timeliness on the part of others. For example, the insurance company taking its time paying the plumber and me having to explain 3 times to them the situation (Only because I had to write out the explanation twice before I could actually get someone on the phone to). Our house, when we first bought it, had an ongoing leak behind the walk-in shower in the masterbath (this was not evident when we walked through it). We didn’t know this until it had gotten worse and we started smelling mold. (We bought the house in October 2021). The plumber who we hired to fix the leak, said the leak happened when the shower was installed. I then found out through a neighbor that it was installed 3 to 4 years before we bought the house. So this leak has been going on for that long. Hence our homeowners insurance paid for the mold removal and restoration, but the process has been long and lengthy. All kinds of anxiety here.

The above situation is a much longer story, but this is the gist of it. Thank you for “listening.” I truly mean that.


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