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Writing Prompts: Part II

Hello everyone. I hope your day is going well. A while back I published a post with some writing prompts. Here are some more.

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  1. As I shut my draw, something tiny and black flew into it.
  2. The cool water caressed my feet. But…
  3. I did a double take, when I passed…
  4. The day came when…
  5. “I talked to him yesterday. He said…”
  6. “You’re standing in my way. All I…”
  7. Choose an article in the newspaper, look at the fifth or sixth line, and use it to create a poem or short story.
  8. I reached into my purse then realized…
  9. Write a story about a talking gold fish.
  10. Write a story with the line, “Then he/she slapped me.”


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