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The Crying None

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In a previous post I wrote about writing a critique and how easy it is not. Well, receiving them can be difficult too. We want to hear that our writing/story/novel is good/great/excellent or even a masterpiece. The truth is, yes, some will give you accolades like that. But, some won’t. Some individuals don’t know how to be diplomatic and spell things out in a constructive less hurtful way. They are blunt about the negatives in your writing. Well, I say…….LET THEM. Yes, I said let them. It hurts, yes. But you can’t stop them. So, don’t cry about something you have no control over.

I have read reviews of other authors that ripped their story/novel to shreds (so to speak). Did that affect the author any? NO. It did NOT. The author moved on with her writing. She continued. Her books are still published and most of her readers LOVE her writing, including me.

Sift through the criticism that helps you. Learn from the feedback reviewers give you. How can you make your writing better as a result of using their suggestions. Will you use every piece of advice they give you? No. Again. Sift through it. Use what you can.

Don’t Cry Over Nothing.


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