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Staying motivated is hard work. Why is it so hard? Well, I think it’s different for everyone depending on their situation. The road is long, there will be hills to traverse, an unknowing rut will surprise you, making you trip and fall, but it’s how you work around these setbacks that is key. I put down my manuscript more times than I can count. One of the biggest reasons for this was largely due to losing part of my manuscript when I went from my desktop to a new laptop. My desktop bit the dust. In transferring my book, half of it got deleted somehow. I had done so much work on it too. So I put it down and was resigned to give up on it.

After this happened, I went to work the next day and told a colleague what had happened. He had been following my success thus far and felt bad for what happened. When I told him I was giving up on the whole project, he said, “You’ll finish it one day.” I said, “No I won’t. I’m done.” He said, “No, you’ll finish. I have faith in you.” I’m glad he had that faith in me because what he said stuck with me in the months that followed. Roughly a year later, I picked up my laptop and went back to it. The result was an even better story. I also kept an extra copy of everything I wrote from that point forward.

Another roadblock was not knowing the three act structure for writing a novel. I had to learn this or I was getting no where. Before I knew this structure, I got stuck so many times and had writers block. There was no direction, no map telling me what type of information went where. As a result, I would stop writing. Frustrating, I know.

Don’t let life and situations pull you down or make you quit. Keep going. If something crosses your path and slows you down, come up with a way to get around it. If you lose your work, start over. It will be that much better. Keep information in a writer’s binder and/or a journal, so you can reference it just in case. Back up your information on the Cloud AND on an external drive (multiple places). Continue to learn. Even though you may know how to write a novel, you can always learn something more. Above all else. KEEP AT IT. DON’T STOP.


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