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Filler Words: Dandelions and Flowers

Filler words (weak words) can run rampant if you aren’t paying attention. Those pesky dandelions can do the same thing. We wake up one morning and they’re there. Overall they look pretty, but they’re still a weed and need to be gotten rid of because they do turn ugly. Filler words turn your beautiful piece of writing ugly too. You can’t see it though until you go back over your piece of writing and realize they are everywhere and they sound awful. A list of filler words are listed below. There are more than the ones I have listed here. These are just some of them.

Just Only Much
A lot Perhaps Always
Very Really Actually
Rather Stuff Literally
In order That Slightly
Seem Sort of Kind of
A little Somehow Can
Then See/saw Definitely

There are better ways of saying what you want to say without using the above. Do you have to go without using them? No. By any means use them if you so choose. But if you do, be aware they don’t pack a punch. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you have to use them. In oral conversation we use these words all the time to get our point across and to emphasize something. In the written realm you want to make sure what people are reading creates the intended visual of what you’re saying to they’re retention of it is good. You want to make your point.

The question becomes: when do we use them and when do we not use them? There is a sure fire way to know this. If your sentence makes sense without it, delete it. Also ask yourself this question: is there a better way of saying this? If you get stuck trying to figure out a better word to use for a particular weak word, you can always go to Google and look up stronger words for the word ‘very’ for example. You will get a list of ideas.

Being concise is what you want, so be careful with what words you use. Write first fix later.


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