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The Beauty You See by L. M. Montes

Some days arrive and words don’t come,
just relaxation to enjoy in the sun,
beams of light across the grass caress,
inviting air of smoothness to the breath,
lavender floats along in gentle breezes,
creating a break in all that’s really needed,
so come along and smile with ease,
enjoy in life the beauty you see.

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Yard Work by L. M. Montes

As the rain blew down I stood and pouted,
the sun refused to show or be outed,
grass grew up,
and stood corrupt,
I had to cut it because it sprouted.

There stood a barberry bush with pickers,
it grabbed my shirt and everyone snickered,
I took the shears,
there were no tears,
as the pointed picker bush stood tapered.

Autumn leaves changed color then floated down,
nature now stood bare with a winter frown,
they couldn’t stay,
or forever lay,
so rakes whisked by to gather piles of brown.

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Layers by L. M. Montes

Beauty flowed from inner roots,
conveying sweet smelling fruits
of sunshine, smiles, and words,
you frowned on joy
and plucked what did annoy,
but the beauty cascaded onward
kissing cheeks instead of shrinking
with thoughtless worded thinking.
You cut and chopped,
there’s nothing left,
just ground and soil
where beauty once sat,
but did you get the soul inside
where beauty actually does reside,
the layers you may peel,
but beauty you cannot steal.

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Morning’s Dream by L. M. Montes

The sun winked as it peeked
over the horizon’s edge,
a dark sky faded to dark pink
as light beams struck,
shadows materialized
out of darkness,
casting over lawn,
I woke to breezy tickles
of coffee dancing on my nose,
one eye propped open,
a door creek spoke it’s ‘mornin,’
scents of sizzling bacon
thundered throughout senses,
blanket off,
legs swing ’round,
slip on slippers,
hit the ground,
my eyes wide open,
the door is closed,
it’s still dark,
no coffee I suppose,
the ceiling greets me as I lay in bed,
the clock says midnight,
and I dreamt instead.

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Nature’s Haiku by L. M. Montes

A lone flower wilts,
Sun shifts beams smiling upon
its petals giving life.

Rain pelts earthly growth,
too much washes life away,
leaves mud it its wake.

Bright skies lift spirits,
breezes sing sweet songs of joy,
now warmth reigns anew.

Woosh of waves soften
sleepy sand as it hastens
building dunes upright.

Dreamy pink hazy
lands of slumber kiss eyelids
closed as night reclines.

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Weather’s War by L. M. Montes

The rising sun kissed the horizon,
peeking shyly above the edge of Earth,
as it climbs in steady gait
beaming arms of light ready themselves
to slice through the day.

Clouds compete,
and waft across the sun,
arresting light till the day is done.

Then in gusts wind blows its breath,
and rescues sun’s beams glory light.

On and on this fight is fought,
until the elements blame and gust,
not caring who below it harms,
as long as all gets what they want.

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Nature’s Movement by L. M. Montes

Falling beams of sun’s pure light,
portrayed the morning’s breath
of flowers and scented dew,
a haven and dreamlike world
to ponder thus with you.

In nature’s quietness I sit
upon a grassy cliff up high,
a tree it tapped me on the head
as breezes they set sail
and spoke of change’s rule.