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Carousels and Nightmares (Part I)

The Present

Sheila Baye stood propped against the sliding glass door as she looked from the balcony off her bedroom. Next door the police swarmed in an out of the house. She assumed they were searching for….what….clues? Clues to what? She noted the gloves they all wore. Maybe one of the Mason twins was killed. Maybe one of them or both stole something and hid it. Given the number of officers, it had to be pretty serious, she surmised.

Her attention drew to movement in the far left corner of the house’s property out back. To Sheila it was a blind spot, even being up high on her balcony. But a couple of heads bobbed up above the wooden fence then lowered. She sauntered to the outer corner of her balcony and stretched her neck hoping to gain a better view. Then one of the heads was joined by a hand waving someone down from inside the house. A plain clothes detective, she assumed, rushed out of the house and over to the two bobbing heads.

“What have you got?” asked the detective.

One of the officers who had been digging, moved to the side and gestured toward the hole. It was a body.

(To Be Continued)


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