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The Perfect Woman (Part II)

Jean relaxed once the elevator door closed. Bryson’s close proximity to her, as the two stood waiting for an elevator, sent her heart racing. Words escaped her. He said hi to her. All she had to do was say hi back. In her mind the response was there, but her tongue wouldn’t do anything. The easiest response was to get into the elevator and not deal with it. She sighed as the elevator glided down to the first floor. What did he think of her now?

The elevator reached the first floor, dinged, and opened. Jean stepped out in time to hear Bryson’s name being mentioned by a woman coming from the direction of the reception desk. Jean turned in that direction and slowed her pace.

“Excuse me,” said the woman. “I’m here to see Bryson Taylor.”

“May I ask who is inquiring?” asked the receptionist.

“His wife, of course.”

“One moment.”

Jean’s heart sank as she sped up and moved toward the front door. Great. The good ones are always taken. At least she didn’t feel so bad for not responding to him earlier. She exited the office building and caught the first taxi she saw. Home and a hot bath sounded soothing right now.

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Bryson realized he’d forgotten his car key’s in his office and walked back to retrieve them. Upon entering his office, something wasn’t right. The air was off somehow, yet everything remained as they were. “Hmm. I must be tired.” He opened the top right drawer of his desk, reached in to grab his keys, but they weren’t there. With a quick toss of his sports jacket over the top of his desk, he rummaged through the remaining desk drawers then felt in his pants pockets. Nothing. “Damn. Where did I…?” He glanced up and stopped mid-sentence.

“Looking for these?” asked Raya.

Without a word, Bryson moved around his desk and strolled over to her. He grabbed for the keys she dangled in front of him, but she yanked them back in time for him to miss. He smiled, “Very funny, baby. Give me my keys.”

(To Be Continued)



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