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The Perfect Woman (Part I)

“Isn’t he beautiful,” stated Jean.

“He who?” asked Raya.

Jean elbowed her friend in the side. “Really? Who have I been talking to you about since last Tuesday?”

“Oh. Yeah well. I’ve seen better,” replied Raya. He’s a new guy. You always think the new ones are gorgeous.”

“Yes, but Bryson is different.”

“You also said that about the last new guy. Hey, do you ever ask any of them out?”


“Why not?”

“Fear of rejection, I guess. My last relationship ended in disaster, so I admire from afar,” said Jean.

“You’ll never find that right one unless you take a chance.”

“Maybe so, but right now I’ll just look.”

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Jean stood, shouldered her purse, and exited her workspace, heading toward the elevators. She pushed the down button and waited.

Bryson strolled over, stopped a little ways over to her right, and waited for an elevator. He slung his sports jacket over his left arm and ran a hand through his wavy, dark, brown hair. A sweet lavender scented perfume wafted across his nose, so he turned in the direction of where it came from and saw a petite woman with a dark blond bob. He smiled.

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“Hello,” said Bryson.

Just then the elevator bell chimed. The door to the far-left elevator opened, and Jean hustled in that direction, stepped inside, and pressed the door close button without saying a word to Bryson.

“What a snob,” Bryson mused aloud.

(To Be Continued)



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