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The Mine Shaft (Part I)

Down, down, down we descended into the dark, dank mine shaft of long ago. Will he sense we’re down here? I followed Derek and the rest of our group. Soon the light from the opening above was out of sight, and everything turned pitch black. Making a wrong turn would be fatal. As we inched along the unseen passage, the walls drew closer together and a narrowness corralled us into a line. At least that was my perception. The passage way, with the walls as narrow as they were, didn’t allow for any other type of movement.

As I hung on to Derek’s left hand, without thinking, I reached my other hand up and glided it along the wall. A perspiring dampness seeped through it pours. I was just about to snatch my hand back when it glided over something soft. Instinct forced me to snatch it away, but something latched on to my wrist, pulling me back. I gasped. My other hand squeezed Derek’s with a tightness that meant terror loomed.

“What? Daisy, you ok?” asked Derek. To the others he called out, “Hey, guys. Stop.”

“I-I don’t know,” I said. “There’s…” But my words died in my throat as hot, stinky breath singed my cheek and a whisper crept its way into my ear.

(To Be Continued)


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