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The Oregon Trail: A New American Journeyby Rinker Buck was the perfect book to end this 12-month journey of adventure stories.

Like almost every kid from the last two generations it all started in elementary school.  There weren’t many games that we were actively encouraged to play, but Oregon Trail was one of them.  I’m not sure if this quasi-role-playing game was given the green light as a form of education or a form of sadomasochistic entertainment.  The game was a great break from Mrs. Wozniak’s lectures, but watching your entire party drown while trying to ford a river deeper than 3 feet before you even make it out of Missouri is torture.  We did learn a lot though.  We learned how to be frugal with our money, that there are better and worse times to make the great journey.  We learned that sometimes you must abandon plans to survive on the trail, that you…

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