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Lights of Fantasy (Part I)

The pool went in on my birthday. My mom setup for me to spend a weekend away with my best friend and her family. When I returned home, the built-in swimming pool graced our backyard, and floating on top of the water was a huge red happy birthday bow.

Now, even though I was 13, my reaction to the pool was that of a kid much younger. I didn’t care. I loved to swim, and now I could stay home to do this instead of going to the Y everyday. So what did I do upon seeing this golden nugget known as our new swimming pool? I snatched my phone out of my pocket, tossed it to my mom, jumped in clothes and all, swam over to the bow, and sidled it to the side of the pool, grounding it.

But as I dove beneath the water and made my trek from one end to the other, something strange about the lining caught my attention.

(To Be Continued)


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